September 2014 saw the launch of Challenge Weymouth, held at Preston Beach Weymouth.
Over 2,000 Tri-Athletes from all over the world descended on Weymouth to take part in the Full Iron Man or Half Iron Man events.
Canoe Avon were privileged to be asked to make up part of the lifeguarding team at this prestigious, inaugural event.
Arriving on Saturday afternoon the conditions were absolutely perfect. Calm, clear waters and a beautiful warm sunny day.

Things certainly looked good for the following day’s competition.
Sunday morning dawned and gone were the glorious conditions of the previous day. At 5am we were greeted by heavy rain, high winds and waves between 5 and 6 foot. Perfect kayak surfing weather, not so great for a race. After a delayed start and a change to the length of the swim course the races got under way. Both swimmers and kayakers were battered by the rough seas and a number of cases of sea sickness were reported! It was necessary to rescue a number of swimmers, put others back on course who were being carried by the current and also to assist weary swimmers back onto terra firma.
Possibly some of the most challenging conditions ever, but immense fun and those who took part are still talking about it now!