The Saltford Festival has taken place for a number of years and the River Day element has historically been held at The Shallows. For the first time in 2015 the River Day was held at the Rowing Club site.

Canoe Avon were asked to provide water safety for the entire event. We were responsible for ensuring the safety of those both on and off the water. For those bank-based there were several hundred spectators to keep away from the water’s edge, whilst on the water qualified lifeguards kept a close eye on those taking part in the races.

As a club we are always willing to try new water based activities. At the River Day we were lucky enough to be able to take part in both the Dragon Boat Tug O’ War and the Pride of the River Race. The Pride of the River Race involved teams from both Canoe Avon and Avon Rowing racing against each other in Dragon Boats. Neither of the teams was allowed previous Dragon Boat experience. Unfortunately Canoe Avon was narrowly defeated by Avon Canoe, despite Canoe Avon having had an early lead. Oh well better luck next year!!

We also presented a water safety demonstration which showed several types of rescue situations. The commentator described in detail the types of rescues being carried out as well as providing the public with information about how to stay safe both on and near water.