Canoe Avon

Saltford Water sports Centre

Emergency Action Plan

Water Incident.


This document must be read by all Canoe Avon members attending the Canoe Avon Activity or session. It details emergency procedures when a High Risk Event (HRE) happens. HRE’s are situations that could cause death or serious injury.

Notification process

All Coaches & Helpers need to be notified a HRE is in progress using the flowing systems:

Code Description Action
Codeword “MANGO” used. Impending action needed. Wait for further instructions.
Codeword “PINEAPPLE” Individual lifeguard has a situation that is beyond what they can deal with All Trained coaches to take up points on bank, those able to commandeer boats to do so and coaches on the water to assist coach in trouble.

Scene management

Coaches and committee members who are present manage the situation with the following protocol:

  1. Whole team relax, anyone sounding stressed to be assumed not competent.
  2. First coach/ Club member on scene to relay situation details.
  3. Senior coach present ascertains situation details.
  4. A Road Safety Person is appointed to manage the road and to direct Ambulance if needed. Coaches to make this choice with advice from first person on scene.
  5. Casualty landing areas made clear. Pathway for access to landing point and from landing point to car park to be cleared with help from any members present.
  6. People on the bank to move any public or non-essential personal and create a clear area.
  7. Coaches/helpers on the bank become ready to enter water to assist with a landing if required.