Canoe Avon

Site Specific Risk Assessment


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Saltford Water sports Centre
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BS31 3JS

Club Contact Name: Roz Castle
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Emergency Contact: Paul Bodman 07771997396


Please sign below if you have read and understood the Risk Assesment.

(to be signed by all committee members & coaching staff including helpers.)

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Site Specific Risks



This table is a summary of hazards and precautions.


Gym Equipment




Unsupervised use of machines by incompetent members





All gym users to have a spotter/ gym buddy


Good practice and a way for peer review and coaching.



Pontoon Entrapment


River level dependent pontoon can be unstable or gaps can change.





Ensure footwear is worn at all times, ensure when carrying loads feet are visible when possible.


Keep pontoons and walkways clear of equipment & boats







Dogs, additional foot traffic, child protection



Register then headcount to be taken beginning AND end of activity. Keep walkers to footpath. Long term project could be to highlight/mark public footpath?







Speeding vehicles, blind corners reversing trailers




All vehicles during sessions should be stationary or if necessary should have a “banksman”


Obey site speed limits, where practical park in the top field.







Slips, trips & knocks to the body from large boats  



Stick to walk ways designated by your coaches. Wait for boat moves to be completed.


Use only our Designated Pontoon for river access.


Specific Risks Additional Information

Listed here in more detail will be any additional information that is relevant to the Risk Assessment.

The site specific Assessment includes all of the river within direct eyesight of the pontoon, water users outside of this area will revert to their coaches dynamic risk assessments as per there training remit. It will also include all users of the site from the point they cross the threshold of the first gate onto the Top field on the roadside. It is accepted that not all users of the site will be our members they may be members of other clubs, However if they have no club leadership team present onsite we will be deemed responsible for their safety.


Generic Risks



Working at Height/ Viewing Galleries & Stairs.


Falls from height

Leaning over safety rails


High Only ever walk up to do not lean on hand rails or guards. Club Attic store to be accessed by appointed persons only Use of ladders onsite will have someone footing them as per HSE Guidance
Manual Handling


Lifting and carrying of boats, materials and equipment Medium Spilt loads into batches

Work with a partner to reduce the load weight.

Only carry what feels comfortable and safe
Dog & animal Bites Dogs off leads, dogs scared by users of centre Low Designated key holder to be responsible for group safety. Keep public footpath clear at all times
On water activities Drowning, water entrapment Low All groups during a session to be assigned a suitable coach. Follow your coaching guidelines and procedures
Residents and other site users


Slips. Trips and falls. Medium Keep walkways neat and tidy, clearly mark danger areas Keep traffic routes and emergency exits clear


Fire Evacuation and other Emergency


Blocked emergency escape routes,

Restricted walkways & untidy walkways

High All escape routes, fire doors and emergency equipment must be kept clear at all times.

If safe to do so assist residents and evacuate the building

Fire Doors where applicable to be unlocked and made clear when building is in use.
Service Risers Poor lighting

Openings between floors, temporary flooring or surfaces.




Always check the flooring integrity before entering a riser.

Never leave risers open


Check which risers you need to access and why?

Waste Control Slips, trips and falls





There is No Central Bins Facility, be mindful of this when planning sessions & events.


Rubbish to be taken away and disposed of responsibly











Any Additional Comments or Relevant Observations required

to carry out the works Safely?















In case of an emergency that requires First Aid to ANY User of the site NOTIFY:

Contact Name:       Michael Wilkes (Club Welfare Officer)

Contact Number:   07939 198471