Canoe Avon, Saltford Water sports Centre

Standard Operating Procedure 2014



Canoeists with special needs

In the case that someone needs assistance they have Equal right to a go on the water, even if time pressures and staffing means that this is difficult. In the case that participating would be deemed a high risk, they are still welcome to go out on condition they are adult, of sound mind and understand the risks.


Who goes canoeing?

Statistically, there are currently more male canoeists than female canoeists.  However, the latest data shows that the number of females is rapidly increasing, with a greater number of new females than males. This means that Canoe have to make the activity as accessible to females. We do this by having females fit female BA’s and make sure there are always females available to answer questions.


Key Safety

Training is a key element of safe canoeing. We want people to join our club and get training.

The Chairman & Training officer will be the primary contacts for where Members can go to get this information on training.


The biggest single risks that we have on site are slips and trips. We also share our site with at present 5 other clubs so we need to be mindful of all users of the Centre. Also Special Care needs to be taken as there is a Public Footpath running through our site.



All Health forms/ relevant information is included as part of the Online Membership process. However these are often not completed correctly; members should try for example to not just put a postcode but a full address where possible.

Where possible we will have someone on site safety to control the flow of people during club sessions and events. All BA’s MUST stay on until they have stepped of the pontoon and are at least 2m away from the bank. Parents, Helpers & members without BA’s will not be allowed on the Pontoon.

While on the water recognised BCU syllabus is used, we cannot guarantee that all Canoe Avon coaches have a coaching award as we believe in In house paddler progression, however they will be competent to lead there group and have proved this through attending club coaching meetings & events and will be cleared to coach by the committee.

The Key Holder who has opened the site for our session/event is responsible for ensuring the site is secure including both gates are locked before leaving unless they have handed over to another person who has agreed to lock up on their behalf. The assigned key holder is also responsible before a session can begin to check that the first aid box is present and ready for use along with any additional safety equipment deemed to be required for the session or event being run.

*we use the word canoeist as a broad term to cover all aspects & craft of our sport.