Club Session Times

Club sessions take place on Sunday mornings throughout the year and Wednesday evenings from the start of April until end Sept. Members have the opportunity to develop and improve skills as well as try different paddling disciplines.

Sunday session: on water by 10:00, off water by 12:00

Wednesday session: on water by 19:00, off water by 21:00 (or until dark)

Members should aim to arrive before the session start times so they’re ready to get on the water promptly, allowing the kit store to be secured and maximise the session paddling time for all.

Our club calendar is available to the public through the link below

Paddle Awards

Canoe Avon is an accredited provider of the British Canoeing awards which consist of the Paddle Start, Paddle Discover, and Paddle Explore awards.

For those new to paddling we will provide the necessary coaching to gain the Paddle Discover Award. The training provided aims to develop your decision making and practical skills for a fun and safe time on the water. You’ll learn how to choose and use equipment effectively, whilst developing an understanding of the factors that affect your paddling. The Discover Award gives you confidence to progress to making your own choices either through developing further with the Explore Award and/or discipline specific pathways.

I’m new to paddling – what equipment do I need?

If you don’t have your own paddling clothing you’ll need to wear suitable clothing such as swimming/beach shorts, running trousers / thermal leggings (high wicking, not cotton) depending on water temperature, a running vest / rash vest or long sleeve top (high wicking, not cotton), thermal base layer or old thin fleece if cool. If cool, a lightweight wetsuit would be suitable. Old trainers or preferably water sport shoes are needed for footwear (note crocs or flip flops are not suitable). Please being a towel and change of clothing. The club will provide the remainder of equipment necessary such as cagoule (or ‘cag’), buoyancy aid (‘BA’), helmet, kayak/canoe and paddle.