Membership Portal Guide

1. Login

Login to the British Canoeing membership portal:

Select the MY PROFILE tab at the top of the web page, then within the MY PROFILE section, select the MEMBERSHIP tab.

There are two sections; One for “British Canoe Categories” and one for “Club Membership”. Please select Canoe Avon in the “Club Membership” section. Note the club membership in the green tile is actually British Canoeing associate membership, ignore that one!

2. Select Canoe Avon

By selecting Canoe Avon you will be taken to a page that shows available membership options for Canoe Avon.

If you have an existing membership, it will be displayed alongside details of when it will expire. If it is ready to be renewed, click the option to renew it and retain your membership anniversary.

If buying new membership, click on add to your membership.

3. Choose Membership

If you have clicked to renew an existing membership, it will appear as selected in this page.

If buying a new membership, you can select the membership type on this page then proceed to checkout to make your payment.