Updated 24th March
The following rules are in line with Government and British Canoeing guidance and must be followed by all members. These will be updated as restrictions are gradually lifted:

Displaying symptoms. Please do not attend the site if you or someone in your household are displaying any Covid-19 symptoms.

Social distancing. In line with social distancing, members must keep 2m apart whilst on site.  Be aware that there may be members of the public also on site when you are who may not follow these rules.

Safety and hygiene. Individual members are responsible for their own safety and hygiene.  Although there may be some cleaning materials available at the club do not depend on this and bring your own so that you are content with the level of hygiene both while in the clubhouse and while using equipment, particularly if you are using club equipment (i.e. it is your responsibility to wipe/clean gates/padlocks/door handles/toilets/boats, etc. before use).  The accessible areas will still be cleaned regularly but it is your responsibility to stay safe and the only way you can really do this is by wearing gloves/hand washing or wiping down any surface that you are going to touch.

Clubhouse access. Only one member across all clubs is allowed in the clubhouse at a time. The only areas available in the clubhouse are the accessible toilet/shower and the men’s urinals area which also has a large sink that you can fill a bucket with hot water is required. 

Changing rooms. Toilets in the changing rooms and the changing area are not to be used.  There are barriers to remind you of this – please respect them.  Members should arrive ready to paddle or get changed in the car park. Please bring spare clothes and a towel but keep them in your car if possible.  If you walk/cycle to the site then leave them in the clubhouse or boathouse if open.  It is fine to use the shower in the accessible toilet if you would prefer to shower before you go home, but highly recommended that showering takes place at home.

Defibrillator. The defibrillator is now located below the key safe in the foyer.

Boat shed / kayak store access. A max of 2 people are allowed in the kayak store at any time. Please respect this and check to see who is in before walking in. This is NOT a changing room so please do not treat it as such. The boat shed is less confined and while we have not agreed a limit with other clubs, please be sensible and maintain appropriate distancing and give way to members carrying equipment and let those come out first before going in!

River Attendance Register. There is one River Attendance Register which must remain in the Avon County / Canoe Avon boat shed at all times. This is located between the canoes on the ground and the K1 kayak rack. Members must fully complete this before paddling as it lets others know who is on the water, when they’re expected back and more importantly for COVID-19, if they’ve used club equipment and when they’ve been on site!

Hand sanitiser.  Members should bring their own hand sanitiser, but some is available to cleanse hands before and after use of equipment. This is located next to the River Attendance Register.

Cleaning Kit.  Club equipment may be used by members.  It is your responsibility to clean beforehand and afterwards.  Paddle shafts must be sprayed and wiped, as should cockpit rims and carry handles of kayaks, seats and handles of canoes.  BAs, cags, helmets and spray-decks should be placed in one of the yellow cleaning buckets and sprayed with environmentally friendly sanitiser, left for at least 15 seconds then rinsed in clean water in the second yellow bucket (clean water should be fetched from the taps located past the urinals in the the gents loos). Appropriate cleaning equipment is provided in the kayak store and boat shed.

Large and heavy equipment. If you need help to access a canoe, then you will need to agree a plan with the member on site to move it. If the 2m distancing cannot be maintained then please follow the 1m Plus guidance. Note we are in the process of getting a club canoe trolley which will make this easier for individuals.

Pontoon access. There are several pontoons on site which have been allocated to individual clubs. Canoe Avon members are to only use the pontoon opposite the kayak store – ie the furthest upstream (on the right facing the river!). Please respect this and wait for others to get on or off so you remain socially distanced. Politely ask members of the public to move along if they are in the way.

Group sizes. Paddlers must not paddle in groups of more than 6 people. This does not mean no more than 6 on the water, just no more than 6 in any one group. For example there could be a group of fast paddlers, a group of slower paddlers and and a beginners group in clearly separate parts of the river. While waiting to get on the water or get equipment, please give your fellow paddlers space.

Lone Paddling.  Only competent and experienced paddlers should be on the water independently. Paddlers are reminded that they are entirely responsible for their own safety at all times and that currently the resources of the waterways authorities and the emergency services are very limited. Paddlers should take care to make responsible decisions, paddle in familiar locations, and favourable conditions.  Further guidance on lone paddling and paddling outside Wednesday sessions such as at present is provided in the club Standard Operating Procedures.

Risk Assessment.  The Canoe Avon risk assessment on the club website has been updated to include specific details regarding COVID-19.  Members are requested to familiarise themselves with this prior to coming onto site.  https://canoeavon.co.uk/policies/risk

Litter. Please take all your litter home – the clubhouse bins have been removed.  Some BANES bin bags may be placed on site, but this is to help minimise the rubbish left by the public and should not be used by members.

British Canoeing guidance. British Canoeing are regularly updating their website to provide advice and guidance for individuals as well as clubs.  Please follow this link for further details https://www.britishcanoeing.org.uk/news/2021/covid-19-new-guidance-on-paddling-activities-in-england-january-2021